Three Things You Must Not Do When Involved In An Accident In Cheyenne, WY


Nobody expects to be involved in a car crash. But when an accident occurs, you could make mistakes during this experience. Thankfully, you can avoid making them when you are aware of them in advance. Should you be involved in a car accident, hiring a Cheyenne, WY car accident lawyer is one of the most important steps you must take, especially if you sustained a serious injury. Your attorney will help you pursue the rightful compensation for your injuries and other losses. The following are the mistakes you must avoid making:

Fleeing the Crash Scene

Leaving the accident right after the events is not lawful and may expose you to more issues, such as a hit-and-run charge, which tends to carry harsh consequences. Also, fleeing the scene can make it hard to collect important information that can support your car accident claim. However, you may be allowed to leave the crash scene when you seek immediate medical attention, protect yourself from a threat, or call law enforcement through a payphone.

Forgoing Medical Care and Attention

Although you may feel fine after a car accident, sometimes, injuries do not show symptoms right away. In fact, it can take weeks before you can feel certain symptoms. Usually, accidents such as rear-end collisions, side-impact accidents, and head-on crashes cause serious harm. Victims can sustain broken limbs, concussions, whiplash, lacerations, and other injuries that could get worse if you forget medical attention.

Only a doctor can determine the full extent of your injuries through some tests. So, you must seek medical attention right after the crash to get a clear picture of the possible economic losses. Failing to follow your recommended treatment plan will cause the insurance company to argue that you are partially responsible for your losses.

Failing to Document the Accident Scene

If you can, try to take photos of your car and the car of the other driver involved, as well as the entire place. Take note of where the crash took place, side streets, and other things such as the direction of the traffic. Once the police are informed about the accident, they will investigate and document the crash scene. However, it is best to document the scene yourself. Also, you can get a copy of the official police report. Your attorney can help you collect related evidence. Whatever you can document while you are still at the scene may help your case move forward.

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