Los Angeles car accident: Does an attorney matter for your case?


Nothing is more unfortunate than suffering injuries in an on-road accident that wasn’t your fault. It is no secret that fatal and serious crashes happen quite often on the roads of Los Angeles. Even if you bear a share of the fault, you have the right to seek compensation from the at-fault party. California is a tort state that also follows the pure comparative fault rule. If your claim is valid, should you consider lawyering up? How can top car accident attorneys Los Angeles help your case? In this post, we are discussing the basics. 

Don’t expect great support from insurance companies

Typically, victims are expected to file a third-party car accident claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. The insurance claims adjuster will investigate the accident and find relevant details to decide the settlement. Insurance companies don’t have a great reputation when it comes to playing fair to claimants. Claims adjusters would do anything to decrease what they pay for your car accident claim. If you don’t have the necessary experience, hiring a lawyer will benefit your case hugely. Lawyers are skilled at negotiations and can point out bad faith insurance tactics. 

Lawyers have the experience

Most car accident claims and lawsuits in California don’t end up in court. However, trials are necessary for some cases, although that option is an expensive one for everyone involved. Lawyers know it all – They know when an insurance company is likely to deny a claim or when a lawsuit is necessary. An attorney’s experience and work profile can make a difference to the outcome of your car accident claim. Lawyers don’t usually charge a fee for PI cases until the clients makes a recovery, which means that financial distress is not a concern. 

When you are at fault

Insurance companies and courts use the fault system to determine final settlements for car accident claims and lawsuits. If you have a share in fault, this will impact what you get from the other party or their insurer. In such circumstances, you have more reasons to get an attorney on your side. Sometimes, the claims adjuster will try to shift the blame or just undermine your losses because you were partly at fault. Let an attorney negotiate on your behalf so that you can get a fair settlement. 

You can check online for top lawyers in LA. Ensure that they have worked on comparable car accident claims and cases. 

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