What to Expect When You Pursue Property Damage After a Hillsville Car Accident


If you have been in a car accident, you may want to file a property damage claim to get reimbursements for your damage costs. An experienced Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer can help you understand more about this kind of claim. You can pursue property damage along with other damages associated with an accident-related injury.

A property damage claim is meant to reimburse you for the damage cost you face after a car accident. This could cover the expense of car repairs and replacements and the loss of use of some items.

What to Do Following a Car Crash

If your car suffered damages due to a car accident and you want to pursue compensation for it, you should file a claim as soon as possible. In Virginia, you have two years to do it but this time window can go by quickly, so do not assume you have enough time and can delay the filing.

After a car accident, check if your or someone else’s is hurt. If a person sustained injuries, call 911, so this person gets appropriate medical attention. Then, the police will also arrive at the crash scene to make a police report. Before the police arrive, try to collect evidence on your own by taking photos of the crash, the damage to the car, and skid marks. Also, exchange information with the other driver and get statements from witnesses. A witness can say something that can strengthen your claim of how your car is damaged in the crash.

Filing a Property Damage Claim

If you file a property damage claim against the negligent party in a car accident, this party’s insurance company will usually handle your claim. But this company may dispute fault or you may not be sure who struck your car. This can happen when your car was parked and you were out in a store during the collision.

Normally, an insurance adjuster will coordinate with you and some providers you need such as auto repair shops to start acting on your claim. If the accident damaged your car to the point where the cost of repair is more than your car’s Blue Book value, the vehicle may be totaled. In this case, the insurer may write you a check for the car’s value that you can use for buying a new vehicle.

Under the majority of circumstances, personal injury claims that involve property damage are overwhelming. You must deal with the police, fill out paperwork, call insurance agents, and deal with a claims adjuster. But handling all of these may be hard if you have suffered an injury in the accident. Thus, it is best to allow an attorney to handle these things for you. Learn more about hiring a professional lawyer for accident law on this dedicated website: https://www.thetwincoach.com/.

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