Australia Takes Action to Tackle Child Abuse


Children are the “innocents” in our society, and as such, they should be protected from harm. Every government has a responsibility to implement programs and support services that aim to prevent and address child abuse.

In Australia, various campaigns, actions and organisations protect children from child abuse. These programs also help families that have been affected by child abuse.

The following are some of the programs that Australia is using to tackle child abuse:

Child Abuse Prevention Service

Child Abuse Prevention Service is an organisation that aims to maintain healthy families in society by protecting children from child abuse.

CAPS is non-political, non-religious and non-governmental, and thus it helps all families who have been affected by child abuse regardless of their backgrounds.

National Framework for Protecting Children

It is a state responsibility to protect children against child abuse. A government is also responsible for providing the needed support to the affected children and families.

The Australian government established the National Framework for Protecting children 2009-2020. The new framework emphasises the message, “protecting children is everyone’s business.”

Royal Commission on Institutional Response to Child Sex Abuse

The Australian government established this royal commission in 2013. The commission aims to inquire about and report institutional responses to child abuse cases as per the Royal Commission Act 1902.

The commission noted that child abusers were relocated to cover up for their crimes instead of being punished. Also, it revealed that most adults do not go out of their way to stop child abuse cases. Thus, the need for the commission to follow up on these cases.

National Redress Scheme

The National Redress Scheme is a program that helps individuals who have been affected by institutional child sexual abuse. The Royal Commission to Institutional Responses to Child Abuse established the National Redress Scheme.

The scheme offers counselling and psychological help to the affected families. It also provides monetary support to compensate families that have experienced the abuse.

Child Protection Week

Every year from 1-7 Sept., the Australian government comes together with the community to support the wellbeing of children.

According to Child Protection Week’s mantra, it is every person’s business to protect children from child abuse. During this week, Australians are urged to play their part in ensuring children’s safety.

Act for Kids

Act for Kids is an Australian charitable organisation that focuses on providing therapy and other support services to survivors of child abuse or neglect.

With more than 350 staff members, Act for Kids has expanded over the years. The charity is based in 26 centres where it offers integrated therapy services. It also organises workshops to empower children and vulnerable families.

Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth aims to improve children’s lives. It does this by preventing child abuse before it occurs.

ARACY researches how to protect and prevent children from disadvantages. It then publicises its results.

The alliance brings researchers together with people from the government and children to exchange ideas on how to protect children and prevent child abuse.

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