The Complications Of Brain Injuries.


Traumatic brain injuries can occur in any personal injury accident. Encountering a car accident or a motorcycle accident can severely damage the brain, and a victim may die on the spot or enter a vegetative state. They might not be able to live a normal life ever again after a brain injury.

Brain injuries can change the life of a victim. They might not be able to get back to work or make a living. In such cases, the party at fault should pay for all the medical bills, future expenses, and other damages. Getting compensation from the party at fault is a complex procedure. However, a Miami brain injury attorney can take all the legal load and ensure that the victim gets fair compensation.

What complications can arise due to brain injuries?

Depending upon the severity and type of brain damage, a victim may suffer from the following complications.

1. Victims may enter a state of Coma.

Victims who injure the brain may suffer from brain death or Coma. When in a coma, the victim suffers from unconsciousness and cannot respond to the surroundings.

Victims who are in a coma may recover in a few days to a year or sometimes never. Sometimes a person may recover from Coma and undergo a vegetative state. The person can open their eyes or even respond to the stimuli but is unaware of the surrounding.

2. Seizures.

Seizures occur when there are uncontrolled electrical disturbances in the brain. The victim observes changes in behavior, mood, irregular movement, and hormonal disbalance. Victims who get seizures after brain injuries may show symptoms such as loss of awareness from the surroundings, fear, anxiety, even conditions such as deja vu.

3. Brain infection.

Injuries to the brain may increase the risk of getting an infection. The impact of the injury is so strong that it may damage the other covering of the brain and allow the bacteria or virus to penetrate through these passages and may cause infection. Infection in the coverings of the brain may result in inflammation of these layers leading to meningitis.

4. Consciousness is less.

Injury to the brain can imbalance the hormonal regulation that increases the level of dopamine and serotonin to overcome the pain. Additionally, the pain that occurs during the brain injury may result in unawareness related to the surrounding.

5. Hydrocephalus.

Injury to the brain will impair the flow of CSF, which results in the building up of the CSF in the cerebral ventricle. The person who shows complications of hydrocephalus may observe symptoms of increased cranial pressure and even swelling of the brain.

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