6 Legal Techs Changing the Way Law Firms Operate


Technology changes the way law firms operate in more ways than one. Even if embracing innovative practices means making a considerable investment, this should not be an issue given the many benefits it can yield. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the top technologies that can positively impact law firm operations.

1. Legal Billing Software

Gone were the days when billing is a headache for the law firm. With the help of legal billing software, invoice management will be a lot easier. Invoices can be created online and customized to reflect the law firm’s brand. This also allows clients to settle payments immediately through available online channels. It can also help lawyers to capture their billables more efficiently since there’s no need to do this manually.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence significantly impacts legal professions. It uses computers for learning, reasoning, communicating, and deciding like humans. One of the main applications of artificial intelligence in law firms is when doing legal research. This makes it effortless to review hundreds of documents. Contract review and management will also be a lot easier. This can also help when performing due diligence and e-discovery.

3. Virtual Reality

Training equips lawyers and everyone in the law firm with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their functions. To make training more engaging, virtual reality can help. This will create life-like simulations that will entertain trainees. For instance, new lawyers can pretend like they are in court defending a client during their training.

4. Video Conferencing

Technology changes the way meetings are conducted. It is no longer confined to an office. Meetings can be conducted virtually, and this can help law firms to save a lot of money. Best of all, this will make the law firms green as it is one of the best initiatives to cut down carbon emissions. This can also help improve the flexibility of work arrangements.

5. Online Marketing

Like other businesses, marketing is vital to the success of law firms. Use tech-advanced tools to promote legal services. It is hard to go wrong with online marketing. Social media and email marketing are some of the best online platforms. Creating a website will also help. To make the website more effective, pay attention to search engine optimization and content management.

6. Data Analytics

Law firms are slow to use data. This has to change, and one of the best ways to do this is to embrace innovative tools that will improve data management. Law firms must use data analytics to make sense of the plethora of information it has. Otherwise, data will lose its value.

Technology is not a luxury but a necessity for today’s law firms. From legal billing software to legal analytics, technology can help deliver better legal services, and in turn, can be instrumental in the profitability of law firms.

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