Here is How You can Get the Best Migration Agent


Hiring a migration agent at the time of resettlement is becoming a norm. Therefore, a number of institutions are offering similar services. Having multiple options provides the opportunity to choose among many; it makes the selection complicated. You need to choose the migration agent wisely to avoid any future headaches. So, here are some tips that you need to follow in choosing the best migration agent.

But, before rushing to the point, you required to know how a migration agent can help you.

Why choose a Migration Agent?

  • A migration agent is the one who knows the process very well. Therefore, he can offer you an insight into the visa application process.
  • There is a constant chopping and changing in the visa application legislation. It is too difficult to take note of every change if you are not a migration agent. They are aware of each change so that they can advise you on the correct method of application.
  • Once you hire a migration agent, he will have all the responsibility for your work. Therefore, you can get enough free time to spend with your family and friends. You can enjoy yourself with your closed ones, without having any sort of stress for your application.

Hiring a migration agent has many more benefits. But, you need to be well prepared to choose the perfect agent for your application.

Choose an Experienced Agent

Once you start searching for a migration agent, you will find many. Shortlisting the best is a difficult task in itself. To simplify your problem, you can take the experience as a parameter to judge. Try to shortlist those having any experience under their belts. Therefore, the odds are very high that they have handled a similar situation like you, earlier in their career.

Personal Face to Face Conversation

Once you have shortlisted the experienced agents, call them for a cup of coffee. In the meeting, discuss your case, and ask for an honest opinion. You can ask about their experience and success percentage as well. Don’t finalize anyone, until you speak to everyone. Once you are done with personal meetings, things will be easier for you to understand.

Registration with MARA

You need to shortlist three to four agents for the final selection. First, ensure that these agents are registered with MARA. You can visit the official website of MARA to crosscheck the names. If someone is not associated with the government organization, eliminate him/her from your list. Your migration agent must have registered with MARA.

Money Factor

No one will question the importance of money. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an experienced partner migration agent or lawyer who is charging a reasonable amount of money.

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