5 Myths about Divorce Mediation


Divorce can be a pretty stressful time, given the excessive levels of stress that a person goes through; people are looking for an alternative for the adversarial divorce proceedings.

Rather than going after each other throats, the divorce mediation process helps couples in achieving a constructive divorce. However, like anything good that comes out, the process is plagued with myths damaging its beauty.

Here is a list of some myths and misinformation spreading about divorce mediation that you need to be aware of before you opt for the process.


Many couples believe that divorce mediation is a process that is suitable only for couples that get along really well. This is a common divorce mediation myth, as the process works smoothly only if the individuals are respectful and caring. Unlike the traditional legal system, the process does not enforce hostility between the two parties. The mediator focuses on reaching solutions and making the process works.

2. Mediation Can Solve Only Simple Cases

Couples that are adversarial in nature can make matters worse with attorneys working for them. This escalates issues and makes them difficult to resolve. A mediator that is working for both parties can look at the larger picture to reach a conclusion.

3.Not an Option for Couples of High Net Worth

It isn’t straightforward to reach an amicable solution when there is a substantial sum involved. However, it is easy for NY divorce mediators to reach a conclusion as the stakes involved are high. Cases often drag for a long time and yet fail to reach a conclusion that is agreeable for both parties.

4.No Set Guidelines

Lawyers have the law to back their claim, while a mediator does not have such a precedent to look up to. This divorce mediation myth falls flat, too, as mediation is more of a way to reach an agreement and say goodbye on amicable terms then fight for each inch.

5.Not Sure About Mediation

The concern is understandable; however, the mediation ensures that both parties feel comfortable to negate the claim. Divorce mediation cost in New York is considerably lower than that of a divorce lawyer.

These are some divorce mediation myths that you need to erase before you consider the option.

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