When to Call a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Asheboro


You work hard and follow the rules. Although you work in a hazardous environment, there are specific actions you take to keep safe. It is the obligation of your employer to carry out a thorough risk assessment so that additional safeguards can be put in. But even these measures may not be enough. Accidents still happen, and if you have been injured because of one you should get workers compensation.

Your company’s insurance provider will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. In the meantime, you should receive the compensation you need to make ends meet financially and receive the medical attention you require. If this has not happened, if your workers comp pay and benefits have not come through, then you should hire a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation Asheboro NC.

You need not file a lawsuit straightaway. Your money may not have come through for any number of reasons. Workers compensation forms are not always clear, simple, and straightforward. Non-payment may come down to a simple error on your part or bureaucratic bungling on the part of the insurance company.

Your workers comp lawyer will be able to contact the insurance provider directly. They speak the jargon of the insurance industry and understand their processes. They will be able to get to the bottom of the situation quickly. If the hold-up to your money does owe to a mis-understanding, your lawyer will get it sorted out so that you can get the resources and care you need.

If it is the case that the insurance company has refused your claim, then you might have to file suit. It is important to remember that insurance companies try to refuse as many claims as they can. In other words, they look for reasons to refuse people the money they need.

The provider my point to some vague or obscure passage in the policy or they may lean on the results of the investigation. You need not give up hope. It is possible to fight the insurance company and get the money you deserve.

Your lawyer will bring in their own professional investigators to examine the accident scene. They will carry out interviews and make inquiries into the policy and operation of your company to determine whether all necessary measures were taken to maintain worker safety. It is also important to be examined by a doctor of your choosing rather than one selected by the insurance company. You should always get an independent evaluation of your injuries.

It is not unknown for an insurance company to make legally dubious moves to avoid paying injured workers compensation. The only way to push back against this sort of behavior is to hire a lawyer who has the competence and experience to deal with them. You need a lawyer who understands your situation and is willing to take on the insurance company to get you justice.

The case need not go to trial. Your lawyer may be able to produce enough evidence to compel the company to offer you an adequate settlement.

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