Iraq War Veterans Experienced High Levels of Asbestos Exposure: How Settlements May Help


When veterans come home from war with debilitating diseases, they deserve compensation for their suffering and sacrifices. Unfortunately, many veterans experience asbestos exposure and develop serious diseases as a result. This problem impacted Iraq veterans in large numbers and is just starting to become a real problem with huge cases of mesothelioma breaking out among veterans. Why is this a problem and what can veterans do if they don’t get immediate compensation from the government?

Why Iraq Veterans Suffered High Asbestos Exposure Risks

Asbestos was once a very common building material around the world. However, this material has been outlawed or severely controlled in most industries after it was found that exposure could cause rare cancer named mesothelioma. That said, many countries around the world do not limit its use or have done a poor job getting rid of this material in old buildings that once heavily used it.

For example, Iraq veterans who work in old buildings in this country may have been exposed to this element without realizing it. Or those who worked in shipyards or vehicle repair may also have been exposed to asbestos because it is so often used in lubricating elements around the world. Unfortunately, this exposure may not be noticed for several decades because that’s how long related diseases take to develop.

Thankfully, the government does allow many veterans to claim disability related to asbestos exposure, especially if they develop debilitating diseases that make work impossible. However, a large number of these cases may be turned down every year due to various extenuating circumstances. Understanding this type of compensation and other alternatives can help you if asbestos exposure has impacted you after serving in Iraq.

What to Do If Compensation Isn’t Available

While veterans affected by asbestos in Iraq or other middle eastern countries should have some recourse towards compensation for their suffering, some may find that they cannot get the money that they deserve. The reasons for this limitation may vary but often depend on an individual’s specific case. For example, the government may try to argue that an individual was not exposed to asbestos overseas.

That’s because exposure is so often limited to specific industries and careers within the military field. For example, those in manufacturing most often experience this problem because they may be exposed to various dangerous chemicals and manufacturing elements. And if someone did not work in this particular industry, the government may try to argue that they could not have been exposed. Such arguments are rare but may occur if they are worried someone is trying to abuse their compensation system.

That’s why a large number of mesothelioma settlements that may help with this situation. These funds can be provided to a large number of veterans who were directly affected by asbestos exposure and who suffered as a result. Typically, these settlements can be given out based on many different factors, which is why it is important to reach out to a legal professional who fully understands how to use them.

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