Hurt at Work? Here’s How Much Your Settlement May Be


In 2019 approximately 2.8 people per 100 were hurt at work. If you’re among the nearly 3 percent of individuals who sustain an injury at work because of your employer’s neglect, you’re due a workers compensation claim.

Keep reading to learn about how much you can expect and the process you must go through to file a workers compensation claim.

How a Workers Compensation Claim Works

If you’re injured at work, a thousand thoughts assault your mind. How are you going to pay your bills? How will you keep functioning at home?

A workers comp settlement can help you deal with the stress of a work-related injury.

Workers’ comp settlements offer workers a single, usually larger, lump-sum payment as opposed to smaller work comp checks. The check can cover a variety of things including your medical expenses and lost wages.

A workers’ comp claim often requires an attorney’s help.

When you’re injured on the job and need an attorney, seek out a work comp attorney link where you can find help immediately.

If you want the maximum amount possible, consult an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation. They can skillfully negotiate with your employer’s work comp insurance company so you receive the settlement you need.

Factors that Affect a Workers Comp Settlement

Often an injury at work results in lost time at work, lost wages, and increased medical expenses, not to mention the undue mental stress that comes with worrying about how to pay bills. A workers’ comp attorney will help you sort through all of the expenses and help you come up with the best settlement possible.

Your attorney will help you come up with a settlement based on lost wages and medical expenses. They will look into the following considerations:

  • Current hospital bills
  • Prescriptions
  • Ambulance ride costs
  • Future surgery costs
  • Future prescriptions
  • Lost future wages

Additionally, an attorney will look into the cost of specific losses such as the loss of a limb, the lost use of a limb, or hearing loss.

Average Workers Comp Settlement

Injuries sustained on the job vary. They can be as minor as a sprained ankle and as major as paralysis. Because of the range of severity, the range of a worker’s comp settlement varies widely as well.

An employee injured on the job can hope for a range of settlement between $2,000 and $40,000, depending on the severity of injury and loss.

Most employees who fill out a workers’ comp claim will receive a settlement. No employer wants to get sued. The financial loss is too great, so an employer will be more likely to settle than go to court.

If you receive a settlement offer, consult your attorney. A skilled attorney will tell you if the settlement is realistic or if you should hold out for a higher amount.

Act Fast When Hurt At Work

A workers comp settlement can take months and even years to sort out. If you’re hurt at work, file a claim immediately. If the injury is severe, seek a skilled attorney’s help.

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