Why should You Consider Contested Divorce?- Some Truth Revealed


Divorce is one of the ugliest incidents of anyone’s life. It can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. Not all of us are blessed with a happy married life. Incompatibility, finances and temperamental issues can come between you and your spouse in such a manner that they make it hard for both of you to live a peaceful life. Even the divorce process cannot be expected to be peaceful. That’s why, people search for a Lehi divorce lawyer so that they can get over the marriage in a legal manner. Some of the reasons why you should consider contested divorce the best option are mentioned below:

The partner is not loyal and has illicit relationships out of marriage

Being honest in a marriage is a pre-requisite and if any of the partners have extra-marital affair out of marriage, he can file for a contested divorce. In most cases, the mediation services don’t work. If your partner is not showing any sign of improvement after repeated warnings, an uncontested divorce may be out of the question. Moreover, it is suggested to bring it to the notice of lawmen about the reason for divorce.

Partner is physically abusive

If you have been facing physical abuse from time to time, you should not go for an uncontested divorce. The partner can manhandle you at any time, which can make things worse. This happens mostly in those cases in which one partner has temperamental issues. He or she can lose control of the emotion and react adversely to any solution. By having an attorney on your side, you will have protection for yourself and your family.

If your children feel unsafe

A contested divorce is a good option if your children are not on good terms with one partner. They don’t feel secure and safe in his or her company. You can bring it to the notice of the court and ask for child custody, which is again a sensitive matter. A divorce lawyer can help you represent the case in a legal manner in court and ensure the safety of your children.

Your spouse is unwilling to discuss

In most divorce cases, one partner may decline to talk and resolve disputes amicably. In this case, you are left with no other option than a contested divorce.

Before concluding anything, it is always a good idea to discuss your case with a qualified and knowledgeable divorce lawyer.

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