Who Qualifies for a Disability Check Every Month?


In today’s world not only are adults having to seek out social security payments but children as well. When you or your loved one come to the conclusion that disability is going to be needed to live life comfortably, sometimes contacting an attorney is borderline necessary. If for any reason you or your loved one is experiencing chronic pain, mental illness, or suffering from an injury due to an accident, it is time to contact a social security disability lawyer New Orleans LA to see you are able to qualify for assistance with disability payments.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is something many individuals go through in life which makes getting up and going to work in the morning almost impossible. After seeking medical help for your chronic pain, you can present your doctor’s notes to a disability attorney so they can help you figure out if you qualify for a monthly disability check. Even if you are denied the first time around, it is always important to keep up on all doctors appointments so the next time you present your case in front of the judge, they will see just how serious you are about getting the help you need.

Menta Illness

If you suffer from a mental illness that keeps you from living your normal everyday life, sometimes seeking disability help is necessary. Some may find it hard to express their ongoing struggles in their minds, but once you are open and honest about your illness, you will begin to notice the help swarming in. By having an attorney to help you with legal paperwork and proceedings, you will be able to have someone stand up for you in the courtroom and explain your situation in depth. Most individuals who suffer from a mental illness are incapable of getting up on the stand, so having an attorney to do this for you is beyond beneficial.

Injuries From an Accident

When an accident occurs, one of the first things you worry about is how you are going to pay your bills so you and your family do not lose your home. Although disability for a long period of time may not be suitable for you, you can always apply for short-term disability until your injuries are healed and you are able to return to work again. In order to get these disability benefits for an injury, you will also need to contact a personal injury lawyer to help provide your disability with all necessary paperwork and evidence of your claims.

By contacting a disability attorney for your chronic pain, mental illness or injuries, you can take the first step to getting the financial assistance you have been searching for. Without help from an attorney, you can easily risk losing your home or not being able to feed yourself or your family because of your disability. Although the process of getting disability tends to be lengthy, once you start on the path to getting financial help, everything starts to speed up and you will be receiving the help you need within no time at all.

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