When to Turn To Legal Help In An Accident Case


People today rely heavily on their cars as their main source of transportation. Drivers use their vehicles to commute to work, finish errands, and just to get around in the most convenient way possible. Since there are so many vehicles, both public and private, on the road at any given time, there is no surprise that accidents happen.

Sometimes these accidents are minor and can be resolved with very little effort and issue, but other times they can be serious and require a Personal Injury Attorney. It is during these serious accidents where victims must be careful and seek legal help for their claims or risk getting an unfair settlement.

Injured parties that aren’t sure of how to proceed with a personal injury claim should contact their lawyers for legal advice. If you are still reluctant, here are some reasons why you should call a personal injury attorney:

Reason #1: Clear Signs Of Negligence

The most common reason why a car accident occurs is due to negligence. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, your lawyer will set out to collect evidence, testimony, and records to corroborate and prove negligence. Drivers who failed to stop at a stop sign or were found driving beyond the speed limit are negligent and can be sued for any damages and injuries caused by their actions.

Reason #2: Vehicle Malfunction

However, if the accident was due to a malfunction in the driver’s car the case can be brought to the car manufacturer. Often times big brands will choose to settle out of court and this can be an option worth exploring, but a lawyer may be able to look up other cases to see if similar accidents have occurred.

If so, there can be a class action lawsuit brought up against the car brand which can take a lot of time when it proceeds to trial.

Reason #3: Dealing With Insurance Providers

There are many cases where the injured party has to deal with insurance providers for a settlement. Although many insurance agencies will be happy to provide assistance to ensure the processing of payment is approved and released as soon as possible, there are instances where the providers delay the release of payment.

Some insurance agencies will conduct their own investigation to delay payments and this can be a stressful and traumatizing experience for the injured. Having a lawyer by your side can help expedite the process.

Reason #4: Negotiating A Deal

There are also cases where a settlement between the defendant and the plaintiff requires negotiation for a better and fair deal. When you, the plaintiff faces the defendant’s lawyers without legal counsel, there is a good chance that you will be given an unfair deal. Personal injury lawyers will work hard to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Do not face the court system and other lawyers when filing for a personal injury claim alone. It is always best to consult with a legal team to ensure you are treated fairly and receive compensation for any injuries and property damage.

At Mulroney Law Firm, we’re advocating for your rights and help you get what you deserve. If you need a Personal Injury Attorney, contact us today.

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