What To Do If You Spot An Aggressive Dog


Almost everyone you know may have a love or at least a likeness for pet dogs. There are various breeds of dogs, each one different from the other. Some dogs are cute and friendly, while others may be a bit on the aggressive side. Aggressive dogs are usually used in law enforcement or the military.

You do not need to have a fear or phobia of dogs to be scared of aggressive dogs. Some dogs are not safe to be around. If you spot a dangerous one on your way or in the park, you must know how to react, or you might get bitten. In case you do, a dog bite lawyer from the Law Office of James T. Ponton, LLC can help you file a claim against the owner.

Why do friendly dogs become aggressive at times?

You might have noticed that even the most friendly dogs can sometimes become aggressive and wondered why it happens. The truth is, dogs are territorial animals. No matter how sweet or cute-looking they may be, they may become angry if you cross your limits and enter into their area or territory. This can be risky because it is not always possible to know if you have stepped into a dog’s territory or not.

Their territory can exist in any place. It might be a public place or your friend’s house you are visiting. Some signs to look out for when you spot a dog include growling, barking, baring teeth, or raising fur. When this happens, you need to react appropriately and give yourself enough time to safely get out of that area.

Steps to take when you accidentally enter a dog’s territory

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends these few steps for safely exiting an aggressive dog’s territory.

  1. Attempt to back away as soon as you notice the signs.
  2. Do not run at all. Instead, keep your movements very slow to not alert the dog.
  3. Avoid direct eye contact with the dog. When backing away, try looking in other directions.
  4. Try moving in a way that there is an obstacle between you and the dog.
  5. Use a firm voice to command the dog to sit or stop. This may not always help, but trained dogs tend to listen.
  6. Avoid making sudden or loud noises that might alert the dog or make them panic. If the dog feels threatened, it might make an attempt to attack.
  7. If the dog does start chasing you, use an object to create an obstruction between you and them.
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