Understanding Everything About DUI Charges and The Consequences


When you are caught driving under the influence, you will be given a great deal of consequences that usually consists of fine payments, possible jail time, and counseling that is required to get your license back. Although you may not receive all three, chances are you will most likely be paying a DUI fine and going to mandatory DUI counseling for help with substance abuse. By completing counseling and paying your fine in full, you will be able to get your license reinstated and get yourself back on the road.

Fine Payments

Mostly every DUI charge given by the court has a stipulation of fine payments. The more severe your charge is, the higher the fine amount will be for you to pay. If you cannot pay your fine in full, you will need to go before a judge to set up a payment plans that suits your financial situation. If you are late on your fine or refuse to pay, chances are you will start receiving late fee’s and increase your chances of becoming incarcerating for refusing to pay a court ordered fine.

Jail Time And Your Attorney

Depending on how much over the legal limit you were when you were caught driving under the influence, chances are, you may receive jail time. In order to decrease the amount of time you will spend in jail, it is beneficial for you to contact an attorney to help represent you and your case. Your attorney will also be able to help provide you with the necessary knowledge of what to say in the court room to help benefit your case. Without an attorney, your chances of becoming incarcerated on your new criminal DUI charge will only increase.


Mandatory Counseling

In a majority of driving under the influence cases, DUI counseling is almost always required. The reason behind this is that the United States is going through a substance abuse epidemic that is seemingly growing worse throughout the years. By making DUI counseling mandatory for drivers with a DUI charge, it will help them to understand the sever consequences of driving under the influence, as well as the harm that drugs and alcohol does to your body. In the cases that do not require counseling as a stipulation, sometimes attending before your court hearing can greatly benefit you when presenting your case to the judge.

After you are caught driving under the influence and you are summonsed for a DUI charge, chances are you will need an attorney to help guide you through the legal process. Even with an attorney present, you are still faced with consequences including but not limited to fine payments, potential jail time, and mandatory substance abuse counseling. By having an attorney, you will be able to lessen the consequences and possibly avoid jail time altogether. Keep in mind, with any DUI case, it is important to show the courts you are seeking help, even if that means going to counseling before it is marked as mandatory on your case report.

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