Three Ways To Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment In Paramus From Occurring


Sexual harassment is a reality in a lot of workplaces in Paramus. Unfortunately, a lot of victims feel trapped by their situations. Some of them may think they cannot fight back without losing their jobs. Others may not want to go through the complex processes involved when they take legal action against the person who harassed them. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, do not hesitate to contact an employment law attorney Paramus to help you handle the legalities of your case.

New Jersey employers must not tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace. They need to ensure their workers perform their job responsibilities free from harassment. Additionally, the EEOC is a federal agency that creates and enforces equitable workplace regulations that include those that pertain to sexual harassment. Thus, both employers and employees must know how to prevent this type of harassment from happening in workplaces. The following are some ways to make this possible:

Enforce Anti-Harassment Policies

To prevent sexual harassment at work, employers must develop and enforce anti-harassment policies and show personal alignment with such values. By creating an anti-harassment company culture, they can boost their workers’ productivity, reduce the risk of litigation that can arise internally, and offer workers peace of mind. Additionally, company leaders should adhere to positive values to foster a positive and supportive company culture.

Establish Policies for Resolving Conflicts Internally

Workers who may experience sexual harassment must feel supported and reassured of a resolution to resolve their issues. A lot of sexual harassment incidents occur due to miscommunication or a lack of tact. Although other incidents arise from serious issues, the minor ones must be resolved internally. Employees must ensure workers have access to a system to air their concerns about workplace harassment. However, if all conflict resolution does not appropriately address workplace sexual harassment, a victim must consult a competent lawyer as soon as possible.

Set Clear Expectations

As mentioned above, employees can also help prevent sexual harassment from taking place at work. For instance, when a worker overhears a coworker making unacceptable sexual jokes or comments, they must explain the inappropriateness of such remarks.

Employees who work together to create an inclusive and supportive company culture can help reduce or eliminate the risk of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the victim. A harasser can’t claim it was the victim who brought the unacceptable act upon themselves.

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