The Role of a Domestic Violence Lawyer


Domestic violence is something of a scourge on society that often remains in the shadows due to the victim’s reticence to address the problem due to an irrational sense of social shame. Indeed so bad that the social stigma commonly believed that the police are reluctant to intervene in what they term domestics. Whether that is urban mythology or not it does emphasize the importance of the role of the domestic violence lawyer.

As victims of domestic violence, mind that it is difficult to find support. Important part of the domestic violence lawyer’s job is to provide the victim with the necessary assistance. As an example of a domestic violence lawyer is to assist in finding safe accommodation and a legal restraining order to prevent contact from the perpetrator of the violence. Indeed, they will often file lawsuits if the violence has led to lost time injuries that have led to financial hardship.

If the domestic situation and the underlying issues cannot be resolved then a domestic violence lawyer will help instigate divorce procedures and assist the victim in attaining child custody and child support payments. Also the lawyer may pursue the perpetrator if the spousal support as often domestic violence occurs regularly due to the victim feeling financial reliant on the perpetrator of the violence. If that is the case then the lawyer will file for financial support through the courts.

However, sometimes persistent domestic violence goes unreported for reasons other than financial dependency. Indeed the victim may well be trapped in the violence due to other legal issues such as immigration violations or outstanding court warrants. In this scenario the domestic violence lawyer will assist in resolving these issues with the appropriate authorities.

However, there are two sides to every story, and domestic violence lawyers may well represent the person accused of being the perpetrator of the violence. Being accused of domestic violence also carries a huge social stigma and can be devastating for those accused leading to huge legal and social repercussions. They could lose their job, their reputation and their family let alone be imprisoned.

Therefore it is the duty of a domestic violence lawyer to represent individuals that are accused of domestic violence as they also are entitled to a number of rights.Hence, a domestic violence lawyer will ensure that their client knows what their rights are and they will make sure they are not violated. Importantly a domestic violence lawyer will typically be a qualified criminal lawyer experienced in both domestic violence and civil harassment. They may well understand how a situation that started as a minor domestic argument can quickly escalate and result as a charge of serious domestic abuse.

Finally, the domestic violence lawyer will provide essential support and assistance to their client through the court appearance and any criminal trial. Most importantly they will present their client’s case and shield them from the other side’s lawyers who will be working actively throughout the entire legal process on behalf of their client’s best interests.

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