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In the course of our daily lives, no one wants to undertake actions that can result in court proceedings. However, there are some times when we can just not have luck on our side and can end up facing charges. We can find ourselves going down the highway only to be pulled over for speeding and facing having our license terminated or in a much worse situation; we can find ourselves facing familial disputes. In addition to this, it is only natural that over the course of our lives we sometime slip up and make a mistake. Often times these mistakes can have legal repercussions that we cannot imagine going through, and these mistakes can change the course of our lives.

Convictions of any form can greatly alter an individual’s life. Convictions can have not only legal consequences, but social ones as well. No matter what the case is, convicts or those on the losing side can find themselves alienated and stigmatized. They can find themselves being rejected by peers and family, and also rejected jobs or educational opportunities if they have a lingering criminal record. For small offenses or mistakes on our part to have such far reaching consequences seems to be an ironic injustice. Luckily, practiced lawyers can help us get out a sticky spot using their skills and can free us from having to face these long lasting consequences. Here are three situations in which hiring a lawyer can be our best option.

Criminal cases:

The most obvious situation where one definitely needs to hire a lawyer is when we have a criminal case on our hands. Criminal cases can come in all forms, such as varying degrees of assault, sexual assault, drug charges. Australian laws dictate that even common assault, which has no bodily harm, can result in a minimum imprisonment of 2 years. With such serious charges that can be faced even for the minimum assault, it is important to have a practiced and professional team of lawyers representing us, to ensure that the outcome favors us. A good lawyer can easily bear the stress of the courtroom, and can have the entire legal framework on his or her fingertips to make sure that the final verdict favors us.

Traffic law:

This is one of the forms of law that perhaps we may think too insignificant to hire a lawyer for – that is, until our lack of foresight results in us losing our license, or being disqualified from driving. Being disqualified from driving can cause big issues for people, as it can leave them housebound and can thus have an effect on their jobs as well. Licenses can be disqualified for offences such as drunk driving and other offences that may perhaps happen mistakenly on our part. Getting the license back or waiting for the disqualification period to end can really be a burden on our daily lives and in addition to this, a record that isn’t squeaky clean and has a misdemeanor recorded, even if it is a traffic misdemeanor, can cause great consequences. Good lawyers Parramatta will know all the ins and outs of traffic law, and can easily lead to us getting the least severe sentence.


Lawyers Parramatta can also be of great help to us should we find ourselves looking at an appeal. Having faced unfavorable verdicts earlier, it is only natural that we may appeal the sentence or look at redoing the case once more. All kinds of cases can be appealed, ranging from license suspension to criminal convictions to appeals of severity of sentence and also bail applications. In any case, appeals can be a grueling process as having suffered the consequences of bad case handling once, or just not having luck on our sides; we will obviously want our second time to go better. This can be especially true for those who are looking at jail sentences or those who are applying for bail, as a failed appeal can be the reason why they have to leave their homes and head to jail. Lawyers Parramatta can excellently fight such cases and can alleviate the pressure of the situation and ensure the best outcome.

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