Essential Things to Understand When Arrested With a DWI Offense in NY


New York had always been a busy city at night because a lot of people mingle here to fulfill their social lifestyle. Of course, you will expect these individuals to be dancing and drinking alcohol to have fun. Let’s say that getting drunk is a usual case here, that’s why we cannot avoid car-related incidents to occur. Aside from that, many of these folks have already experienced getting arrested because of DWI, especially in Syracuse. I guess, the police officers are already used to catching citizens, who failed to watch their limits in terms of beverages with alcohol content.

Due to this usual arrest situations, there are lawyers, who have decided to put up a firm, to practice their expertise in criminal defense, especially with DWI in Syracuse NY. When you are arrested and charged with an offense like Driving While Intoxicated, it would be best to have an attorney. You will surely need the help of these experts because many people do not mind driving their own vehicles, even when they know that they are going to drink with friends. I guess, the presence of the police officers around the area will remind these drivers to discipline themselves.

In fact, these people know the law, regarding the level or content of alcohol in one’s body, while driving. This was even introduced in the state as early as 1930’s. However, we are just human beings and we cannot avoid getting drunk, especially when the fun and entertainment in New York have already started. When you are intoxicated with alcohol, you cannot always think and do what is right. That’s why, it will be ideal to hire an attorney from Syracuse, to help you deal with the mess. Now, if you are not that familiar with this offense, then let me tell you what you should know.

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When the Blood Alcohol Content level was first implemented, the standard result is just at 0.15%. I supposed, between 1930 and 1940, the policy was still that lax. But today, this was changed and became complicated because of additional policies. Look at this for further reading.

For an individual to not get arrested, he must have a BAC result that will be lower than 0.08%. This is for people, whose age is over 21. While those under 21 years of age, your result must be 0.02% or less. Now, if you are driving a vehicle that is used as a public transportation, then it must be 0.04%.


Basically, your driving license will be suspended. Therefore, you cannot drive any vehicle. It will bring you another problem, if you will drive without it.

All you can do is to wait for the suspension to end. They need to hold your license for 6 months on your first charge. Anyway, the lawyer can help you get a conditional license within a specified period. You just need to follow the procedures in New York and your attorney’s advice.


Are they arresting you for the very first time? This only shows that you have a clear record, then. However, this is not a valid reason not to get interested in hiring a criminal defense attorney. Because he can help you sort things easily and get you a lighter sentence, especially when it is not your first time.

Anyway, for your first offense, you are supposed to spend a year in prison. But pleading guilty will set you free and paying the fine of 500 – 1,000 USD will be mandatory. You will be needing a professional’s help on the second offense, especially when you are charged with felony because you may have to present a case in the court. By the way, you will also pay 1,000 – 5000 USD as a penalty.

You may have to go to jail for 5 days and that’s, if this didn’t happen again within 5 years after your first or previous offense. Doing this for the third time is not easy. You have to be in jail for a maximum of 7 years. Don’t forget that you will be required to install an ignition interlock device. And then, you may be asked to attend a program for your driver’s license.

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