Case Collection Of Global B2B Debt Portfolio


Our client is a travel fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations. Client works with companies in more than 230 countries globally. More than 1,5 million operations are handled daily. So there is a necessity to check, control and recover a portfolio of unpaid invoices to secure cash flows.

We have been representing creditor throughout the world. The sole factor in this deal is that we had to conduct communication with the debtors (legal entities) in different languages in 80 countries. Some of the debtors from the portfolio were under liquidation, some of them were just scammers, and some of them just changed owners and did not recognise the debt’s existence.

Our lawyers have developed the collection workflow. It included the following: letters of demand, communication scripts, information search algorithms, negotiation strategies, language peculiarities, data transfer and other compliance issues. It should be also noted that the most important part has been agreed – the reporting standard. Client timely receiving all necessary reports regarding the collection progress. Moreover, additional analysis and statistics helped to upgrade the financial control process and underwriting assessment. Following excellent client service value our teams have advised client regarding improvements in their interactions with their customers to reduce the risk of defaults.

More than 15,000 of claims from the debt portfolio we successfully restructured.

One of the most prominent debtors in MENA had outstanding debt in the amount up to USD 100,000.00. The first difficulty arose due to the lack of the debtor’s contact details. We have searched through all of the advertisements and even found the quality certificate issued to the debtors company. Lawyers have carefully analysed all available information there. They have found additional contact details in the certificate, which helped us to reach responsible persons. Of course, such data was used to reach the debtor and follow the initial negotiations strategy.

The goal was to recover the debt in full. However, we have found that the debtor did not want to accept a new contract and continue the relationships with the creditor. So additionally we have to negotiate new contractual conditions. Of course, all necessary arguments to pay the invoices were used by the team. Finally, the debtor agreed to cover the debt. Additionally our lawyers drafted necessary provisions for the new agreement which was signed by all parties.

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