Asbestos: No More Excuses


It is a fight that seems almost as senseless as it does long, and why it is still a fight is almost beyond comprehension. It might be hard to determine which is the lesser of two evils, the fact that people and families still suffer from asbestos use or the fact that it is still a part of our world.

The Asbestos Fight

Recently, and again, there has been more fighting regarding the use of asbestos within the United States. Details of that fight, involving new EPA regulations and asbestos imports, were given in a recent story from The National Law Review. The facts are known, and the facts are that asbestos is deadly and that no reason justifies using it.

One such evidence of those facts came just recently, as manufacturing giant Johnson & Johnson recently paid a settlement of $100 million for having asbestos in their baby powder. No, asbestos is no longer mined, either here or in Canada, nor is it manufactured in the United States. So how does it get here? Imports. And that is a large part of the aforementioned fight that the EPA is now having.

Fighting Back

It is also because of this continued and senseless use of asbestos, that organizations and help like the Mesothelioma Justice Network exist. Endangering and needlessly putting people at risk has no excuse. And the people, families, and lives that have been hurt and devastated by asbestos deserve justice. The kind of justice that the people at the Justice Network demand. Were you aware that between 1999-2017, just under a 20-year span, asbestos was the cause of death of up to 277k Americans?

How many are too many, how much is enough? Fortunately, many people understand that there have already been too many victims and that enough is enough.

Getting Help

Many people who have suspicions of asbestos use, or who even believe that they have been exposed, often don’t know what to do next. Today, more than ever before, there are organizations and legal help available for those who have asbestos concerns. By default, those who use, manufacture, or import asbestos or asbestos-laced products have considerable resources. For victims, and those concerned about asbestos use, there is power in numbers.

When we stand together, speak out, and demand no more excuses for asbestos use, from production and mining to importing it, we can make a change. We have, but the fight isn’t over. Yes, it is a long fight, and yes it seems senseless, but that might also be the very thing that those who use asbestos are banking on.

What they are counting on, however, are the people who won’t lie down, who will stand up and fight, and who will demand justice. Now is the time to say no to the use of asbestos. It is time to say no more excuses.

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