11 things you want to ask about divorce


According to common sense asking the right questions about divorce before getting one can make for a better settlement. Even if the endpoint is the desolation of marriage but asking the right questions about the whole process can prove to be worthwhile. Here are 11 things that divorce lawyers Melbourne are asked about divorce by the majority of the people who seek divorce.

  1. Is there anything such as a ‘quickie’ divorce?

It is often heard in the news that celebrities are often given a ‘quickie’ divorce. The truth is that there is no such thing as a quickie divorce in the law as absolute divorce is only granted after six weeks from when the case is filled.

  1. Can there be a ‘no-fault’ divorce?

A no-fault divorce is possible only when the spouses have been in separation for at least a time period of two years or five years. Only under this circumstance can one apply for such a thing.

  1. Does getting divorce benefit the financially weaker one?

Divorce cases are a repute of granting the weaker party generous payouts as compared to the financially stable ones. The truth is that financial awards are granted on a limited basis.

  1. Is it possible to get a meal ticket for life?

It is a common perception that when marriages last a longer time duration and the wife has only worked as a housewife, the courts agree to grant maintenance payments throughout life.

  1. What is meant by full disclosure?

When a dispute between spouses is to be settled by the court then each of the spouses is put under an obligation to give complete disclosure of all the relevant things.

  1. Can assets be separated from the start?

If assets are to be separated from the start, then it is a good idea to get into a prenuptial agreement. This will prevent any disputes arising with regards to the distribution at the time of divorce.

  1. Is there any set formula for dividing assets?

There are certain principles that courts use when it comes to dividing assets but there is no set formula that can be applied in each case.

  1. Does adultery mean a bigger settlement?

People often perceive adultery can result in bigger settlements and there will be a greater financial impact with regards to divorce. This is not at all true as resources will always be divided justly.

  1. Is divorce an emotionally right decision?

To be ready for divorce, the spouses have to have a clear and unemotional decision that can be supported for the rest of their life.

  1. Can the unpleasant consequence of divorce be handled?

Divorce brings a lot of changes such as sorrow, griefs, loneliness, disappointment, and pain for family members. Handling all these is not an easy task but can be done.

  1. Is divorce expensive?

Filing for a divorce in most cases can prove to be very expensive.

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