What Can a Family Lawyer Do for you


There are many fields of law; criminal, corporate, business and family, and in case you are wondering what a family lawyer does, here is a brief description of the duties performed by a family lawyer.

  • Divorce and Separation– It is very rare that a married couple divorce without some form of legal representation, which is necessary to facilitate the division of marital assets, and also, there is the question of child custody. There are affordable family law services in Gloucester and surrounding areas, so if you feel that your marriage isn’t working out, they are the people to consult.
  • Contesting a Will– It is very often the case where a family member fees they have been treated unfairly in a deceased family member’s will, and with legal advice, it is possible to contest the will. It might be that the person is unhappy with the way the Executor is handling the estate, and should the family lawyer feel you have a case, they would help you to prepare for a family court hearing.
  • Making a Last Will & Testament– If you have yet to make a will, your local family lawyer can assist, and he will ensure that the document is correctly put together, and signed and witnessed. If you want to make changes to the will at any time, this is also something the family lawyer can do.

There are other areas that a family lawyer is requires, such as adoption and restraining orders when there are instances of abuse within the family, and should you ever require a family lawyer, an online search will put you in touch with a nearby practice.

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