When To File A Divorce Petition?


Imprisoned of an unhealthy and unhappy married life is sanctioned to a divorce. But, there are essential reasons for sanctioning a divorce to become valid. No court would allow a divorce petition just because you are unhappy with your married life. There must be a valid reason why you are unhappy like being abandoned by the spouse or case of adultery or concubinage. The case of adultery and concubinage is under the family law, which can be heavy evidence to file a divorce petition. Also, the case can be raised to the court in another case. Now, before going through the mentioned cases, you may be looking for an answer about a divorce petition.

The right time to file a divorce petition

Is there a right time to file a divorce petition? Of course, there is no such right time if you think that your spouse fails to do his/her duties and responsibilities. If you are not happy with your marriage because you have been abandoned for many years. It is sanctioned to fail financial support for the family. Thus, a divorce can be granted with proof and evidence. Clients need to understand that you can easily file a divorce petition just because you feel that you are abandoned by your partner. Still, you need to provide proof and evidence which will be presented to the court proceedings by one of the trusted divorce attorneys in San Antonio. Divorce can be common in the State but the process varies depending on the situation of the couple.

Take note: A short-term marriage may take less complex and time-saving due to no children or small properties are involved. For long-term marriage, it takes a long period of processing the divorce petition. Why? Long-term marriage has significant property intertwined, minor children, and marital debts. In addition to that, divorcing couples that work together for the negotiation of the terms of the divorce will experience a less stressful and less expensive divorce. Indeed, couples who refuse and don’t agree to work together may experience a pricey and time-consuming divorce process.

Steps for the divorce petition

Certain steps to file a divorce petition are as follows:

  • File for a divorce petition. Both spouses either agree or not, one spouse will file a legal petition for the termination of the marriage. The filing spouse needs to provide the information needed for the divorce petition.
  • Temporary orders are asked. Keep in mind that all couples filing a divorce petition may have a waiting period. The court may allow for temporary orders for child support, child custody, and spousal support.
  • The divorce trial. There times that the negotiation fails despite the best efforts done by the spouses. If remained issues are unsolved after the talk and the mediation, the parties should ask for help from the court on going to a trial.
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