Trademark Registration in the European Union


Do you know that customer decision for purchasing any goods or using services are highly impacted by the Brand Value and its reputation?

In this article you will find answers for the following questions:

What is a trademark?

  • What benefits it may bring to you?
  • How to register your trademark?
  • What is a trademark?

According to WIPO a trademark is a sign, which makes the goods or services of different businesses distinguishable. It is mentioned in REGULATION (EU) 2017/1001 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 14 June 2017on the European Union trademark that an EU trademark may include designs, letters, numerals, colors, personal names. Also, trademarks are protected by intellectual property laws.

What are the main features of a good trademark?

Trademark shall be noticeable and easy to remember. At the same time it should have its uniqueness and be distinguishable.

What benefits do trademarks bring?

gives exclusive rights:
The owner of the Registered Trademark has exclusive rights over the trademark. Such an entrepreneur is able sue the unauthorized user of this trademark.

builds up clients trust:
The established quality of your product and services are known by everyone through the trademark and which establishes trust and goodwill among the customers in market. It helps to encourage permanent customers who will always trust your brand.

differentiates your product:
Customers easily find your products or services. So, it is an efficient commercial tool.

creates asset:
Registered trademark is a right which can be vended, designated, franchised or contracted commercially.

attracts human resources:
Young talents are eager to join big Brands, since it means successful career to them.

Registration procedure

After the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) receives an application, the applied-for trademark will be checked whether it can be registered. Such a process includes several steps:

  • Date of submission
  • Classification
  • Formalities
  • Reasons for application refusal
  • Translation
  • Searching
  • Publication

You can follow the progress of your application online in eSearch or in your User Area.

If an error will be discovered an error or there will be other concerns, you will receive an official notification to User Area. After that, you have two months to make all the necessary corrections and to respond. You have the right to request a 2-month extension in case you need more time to prepare your response. The first extension is usually given automatically, but the second extension must be justified.

In conclusion, your registered trademark is a key to the success of your company! Don’t hesitate! We will make sure that the whole process is easy for you and does not cause any stress!

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