Know How Complicated Or Straightforward Your Divorce Case Might Get


Even though the escalating number of divorce cases in Singapore, the legal procedures can be complicated. It might take about six months to conclude an uncontested case. And with cases with disputes, the procedure can be truly frustrating. A good divorce lawyer Singapore can help you ease the stress of legal complications. However,

The Divorce Procedure

Whether you go for a mutual or contested divorce, the legal steps involve a two-step procedure. In the first step, the family court would look after the aspects of nullifying the marriage. The court has the authority to determine whether the marriage is eligible to get dissolved. If the judge gives his consent, then both the plaintiff and the spouse will get an interim judgment.

In the second stage, the court deals with ancillary issues. These include:

  1. Custody of the children.
  2. Maintenance of spouse.
  3. Division of joint properties.

When done, the court provides with final judgment certificate. However, you can get this certificate only after three months of undergoing interim judgment.

The Legal Provisions

A number of couples looking for a divorce in Singapore do suffer from a prolonged waiting period. Often, this happens because they have filed their petition in the ‘incorrect’ time. The legal provisions have the following for couples.

  • The man and the wife needs to spend at least three years of conjugal life. However, there are certain exceptions to the rule. For instance, the waiting period can be shorter if the spouse is exceptionally violent or unreasonable. Likewise, plaintiffs complaining of suffering from excessive mental and physical torture, adultery, or homosexuality from the spouse would need to wait for a shorter time.
  • If there are proved evidence of situations like separation for at least four years and desertion for at least two years, the norms for divorce tend to get lax.
  • Even a Singaporean permanent resident, or those who have been in the domicile of the country is eligible to get a divorce. However, in that case, the couple should have evidence to live together for at least three years before applying for the divorce.

No matter how basic your case is likely to be, there can be a number of layers under the complainant. Moreover, it is important that you get duly compensated. Also, your children have the right to have the best company, even when their parents separate. This is right where the assistance of a seasoned lawyer pitches in.

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