Have Norms Changed for Current 457 Visa Holders? – A Sneak Peak Into Lawyer’s Opinion


After the transition because of the complexity and confusion in April last year, the Australian government has taken a significant and essential step in transforming the 457 Visa (Temporary Work Skilled) to a new 482 Visa (Temporary Skills Shortage). Many visa holders are quite confused about the changes and whether it is going to impact them as of now.

According to a famous 457 Visa lawyer in Sydney, there have been two crucial changes made in the advent, and these are what have made a difference. In fact, according to the latest norms, it has become tough to qualify for the 482 Visa. The following write-up highlights some of the critical points regarding what is going to mean for the people who already hold a 457 visa.

What are the New Changes made in 457 Visa?

The changes that are made in 457 to bring the 482 include the enlistment of the new occupation. According to the immigration lawyers, in the current 482 visa, more than 200 occupations have been stricken down, and the entire list has been divided into two major classes– Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL) and Sort Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL). The lists are subjected to changes periodically.

In addition to this, the 457 Visa lawyer in Sydney states that unlike the MLTSSL, STSOL would offer no scope for the permanent resident-ship. In addition to this, the norms have made tougher for the old visa holder as well.

Impact on Various 457 Visa Holders :

The significant changes made have impacted the other 457 Visa holder as well. The following are some of the different scenarios to look out for–

  • Provision to Stay with the Same Employer:

In case the 457 Visa you are holding is going to expire, and you want to remain at the same position with the current employer, then the employer needs to nominate you yet again under a new subclass of 482 visa. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the occupation has to appear in the new 482 Visa.

  • Case of Changing the Occupation:

According to the 457 Visa lawyer in Sydney, in case you are willing to change the occupation, then the employer would have to file a new 482 nomination for the new occupation. Another important criterion that should be kept in mind is that the occupation has to appear on any of the new occupation lists. In case the visa is expiring, then a new application has to be done subjected to meeting the various terms and conditions.

  • Eligibility for Permanent Residency:

There is a twist in the tale here. The 457 visa holders applying for permanent residency should either seek for Subclass 187 or 186 with a minimum relevant work experience of 3 years.


There are certain elements that too need consideration. According to the 457 visa lawyer in Sydney, there are some occupations that need a different procedure and visa. A consultation with the experts is always going to be helpful in the long run.

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