6 Easy Tips For Selecting An Employment Lawyer In Lambertville


People have different reasons for hiring an employment lawyer. New Jersey is an at-will employment state, which essentially means that your employer can fire you for any reason. However, state and federal laws prohibit discrimination and harassment at work on grounds like race, religion, sex, disability, sexual preferences, nationality, and age. If you believe that you have suffered discrimination at work or your employer has retaliated against you, consider talking to an employment lawyer in Lambertville. Below are seven tips for choosing a reliable lawyer for your case.

  • Make a shortlist. You can talk to friends, family members, and colleagues to find employment lawyers who are worth your trust. There are also online websites like Justia, Nolo, and Avvo that can help sort options. You can also get free referrals from state bar associations.
  • Ask questions. Interviewing potential employment lawyers is the next step. Ask questions like – How long have you been practicing in Lambertville as an employment lawyer? Do you have experience taking lawsuits to trial? What are some of your landmark cases? Can you share an overview of the possible outcomes?
  • Ask about relevant experience. Employment law is a complex field with a huge scope. You need an attorney who has worked on similar cases. For example, a lawsuit involving sexual harassment would require a very different approach when compared to a lawsuit that involves wrongful termination after whistleblowing.
  • Know your rights. An employment lawyer should explain your rights in detail. They should also explain if your claim is valid and the legal options you can consider for the given circumstances. Find an attorney who doesn’t mind taking on big employers and companies and has a track record of doing so.
  • Discuss your attorney’s fee. Some employment lawyers work on a contingency basis, while others charge an hourly rate. It depends on the case and the nature of services required for the given situation. In your best interest, you should ask the lawyer about their fee and other expenses in advance.
  • Check reviews. Most law firms and employment lawyers will be happy to share references of their clients. We would recommend that you check reviews posted by other clients independently on Google and other websites. Clients are more likely to post reviews when happy or displeased with an employment lawyer’s work.

Find a lawyer at the earliest to know your case better, and don’t step back from asking relevant questions.

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